EarlyTMS (Ticket Management System)

As the business grows in the competitive market, it is always important to organize the database of the clients’ phone call so that company can quickly respond to the need of clients. For business in need of such call management program, Ticket Management Service, or TMS, offers an innovative way to help contact centers deliver more rewarding and helpful experience to every customer contact.

Product Feature

• Monitoring Item management: Allows customization feature to organize the items on ticket according to your business plan.
• Review callback tickets: TMS is compatible with its own Agent Notification System tool to notify user to call back the clients.
• Survey Management: With TMS, you can easily create questionnaires tree to design your survey for your service/product.
• Synchronization with customized database: Customization system for the database. TMS offers ideal framework for your custom database to be synchronized with TMS.
• Report & Analysis: Displays the data base of accumulated tickets categorized by your setting of field. Offers geographical graph of ticket information based on the region.
• Live SMS and e-mail: Allows user to establish real-time service between customer and user for critical issues.

The Ticketing System: Customer service you can rely on

What is a ticketing management system?

Ticketing management system handles all sorts of incoming clients phone call for help and automatically generates a customer service ticket to keep track of the call. Basically, TMS from EarlyConnect will establish the communication between agents and customer, regarding with customer’s concern. Thus the support agent can always be prepared with a consistent ticket management for any kind of method customer would use to contact the company, such as email, SMS chat, live chat, etc.

One step close to innovation

As the number of methods clients can utilize these days grow in number, clients have access to more convenient way to contact the company, but this advance in technology made it difficult to consistently provide service clients exactly want. Previously, in order to process the support request more easily, lots of companies relied on web forms, which required clients to fill out every bit of information, including mandatory subject such as current service plan or account/serial number. Even though this procedure helped agent in charge of customer support with all the precise detail of client, clients often do not appreciate filling out long and dull fields on the web form that barely corresponds to the help they were looking for. In fact, they want immediate response from the supporting agent with phone call or simple text message. Under this circumstance, where agents are supposed to handle request from the various sources, agents have limited amount of required information regarding their clients. On top of that, incompatibility of different format rises up as the main issue that hinders productivity; when one client asks help with two different format, such as email or phone call, two separate support agents end up working on same clients. Furthermore, data which was used to assist the clients is less likely to help agents in the future as references with lack of tools to store those data. As a solution to problems lies within the conventional customer service, ticket management system provides channel of customer’s preference to contact agent for help and assist agent with systemized set of data for client’s information and past request. It also allows support team to improve the quality of the service by providing the organizing system to track the data of client’s request over time.