One of the highest costs for customer service is the cell center expense. Often, the calls are made for simple inquiries such as the service status or the location of the service center. This has resulted in convoluted IVRs, which frustrate and exhaust the customers in a chase for pressing buttons after buttons. SMS On-Demand can solve this problem by receiving and answering the customer inquiry via an SMS text, resulting in lower call volumes and customer wait time. This service can be used with our SMS Chat Service for a comprehensive SMS solution for responding to customers.

Using EarlySMS system, you can reduce your call center expense dramatically.
Agent can sends automatic SMS text using predefined SMS flow and the system reply customer's response automatically.
The system saves customers' inquiries and its responses, which are used to find the correct answer for another inquiry following the responses.

Product Feature

• Automatic inquiry to customer and responses for customers' SMS inquiries.
• The system can answer not only a static inquiry such as the branch location information, but also a dynamic inquiry such as the service status.
• Continuous EarlySMS can send extra questions to customers if the customer's request is not sufficient as an answer. All communication is done using SMS.
• With additional customization and maintenance fees, this web service server can be located at a requested location to meet your security needs.

Intergration Method

Custom integration could be needed. (optional)

Price Structure

$ 10.00 per Registered Agent