EarlyLMS (eLearning System)

The EarlyConnect e-Learning System features a program from which you can easily create and manage training materials and assessments, and a web-based interface with trainees. This useful training ensures that all employees are kept up-to-date on the latest information, while making the distribution of training materials as efficient and simple as possible.

Product Feature

Training Material Management

With e-Learning, an Administrator oversees the facilitation of training from start to finish. The Administrator can create static or interactive training materials and exams for trainee evaluation.

Custom-designed lessons and assessments for your employees

Questions are customized according to the needs of your business. The Administrator can create a variety of question types with text and images. Agent weakness analysis features help facilitate repeated training for weak areas of each agent.

Progress reports on employee performance

Reports that log and summarize employee performance can be generated with the click of a button. The e-Learning Administration System creates reports based on each question or assigned trainee, or comprehensive reports on overall performance.