Getting Started with EarlyTMS



This guide will walk you from the basics of using EarlyTMS including how to reset passwords and save time logging in to websites, to advanced use of EarlyTMS, such as managing ticket template or configuration for website.

Go to ticket management website

Setting up administrator account

How to log into ticket management website

You can use the account you created for EarlyTMS website to log into ticket management website.
Click your account once you log into EarlyTMS website, then go to ‘Profile’ section.
Your company ID will be name next to ‘Abbreviation’, user ID and password will be the email address and password you used to register for EarlyTMS account.

Setting up administrator

1. New Admin Account Setup

You can login to EarlyTMS with the Superuser account for initial setup.
Click the "Remember my ID" to save time logging in to website.

Now, we will create administrator accounts that will be used for customizing ticket information.

1. Click New
2. Enter E-mail Address
3. Enter first / last name
4. Set user type "Administrator"
5. Click Save

How to manage administrator account profile

Following shows how to change the administrator profile on EarlyTMS website

1. Check your password in email
2. Log in as admin
3. Change password
4. Click administrator account
5. Click change password
6. Enter new password in change password
5. Click save