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Your business in smart way

Instead of simply being a stack of guides, Early DT provides unique experience via a smart knowledge base to maximize the teamwork. Early DT also works with Early TMS to improve agent efficiency in ticket management.

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Knowledge Base

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Separate access to guides

Assign different roles to members in your team to decide which member can view, edit, and delete the articles in knowledge base.

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Rich text editor

Create the guides with photos and videos via our built-in editor. You can upload the guides just like how you post the article in other website.

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Keep them organized

Create the knowledge base in multiple levels- such as Categories and Sections- to help agents find the solutions most relevant to the cases.

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Case Solution Efficiency

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Guide Feedback

Give your agents and customers an opportunity to improve your knowledge base with their feedback on guides as well as the search result. Best solution o help your support center will come from people who are actually using it.

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A built-in support center

Agent can look back in to answers and solutions from the knowledge base while solving tickets. It is also available to post the training documents or manuals in the support center for quick access.

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External Link

Each articles in knowledge base are equipped with panel to provide the quick access to the external link for users.

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Search engine in website

Instead of browsing every single article, agents can search for specific guide by entering the title, content, or name of attached file in the website.

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Be prepared for various audiences, regions, or brans with more than one knowledge base from Early DT. Each knowledge base is designed to be separate with unique URL to set up different permissions on guides.

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Publishing permission

Use role-assignment system in Early DT to decide which team member has authority over approving and publishing the guide content before it goes live on your help center.

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