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Join us to provide the right IT knowledge base service to your agents

A key to make your business powerful

Knowledge is a power

When the customers have issues with their product, support team is their best hope to solve them. Early DT, or Early Decision Tree, provides a knowledge base that works as a tool to navigate into solutions for the customer and agents. With the help from Early DT, it is easy to build a customizable help center to help customers quickly find their solution and agents achieve better efficiency in their workflow. It also integrates flawlessly with the ticket management software from EarlyConnect, Early TMS.


Management is the Key

Accumulate the collective knowledge from your team or policies over time to respond to support more effectively and precisely


Time is money

Provide agents and customers the most relevant answers and information for a satisfying and fast self-service experience.


Double the productivity

Early DT is an amazing set of tool to assist users, but it can do much more with Early TMS. Early TMS is compatible with Early DT to make your knowledge base into great use. When agents are handling the customer cases, Early DT can be set up to interact with tickets in Early TMS to solve tickets faster.

Provide what is best for team

Setting up a list of solution-oriented knowledge base can be done easily with Early DT. Manager or contents administrator can assign their entire team to create contents necessary for the team and update the old guides. Early DT make sure that agents handle their customer cases with the best information, and help customers look for the solutions before they reach the help center.

Access anywhere, anytime

A path to solution for customer case should should be available beyond the desk. Early DT provides mobile-friendly website to help the users & technicians find the solution whenever they need and wherever they are.

Join us to provide the right IT knowledge base service to your agents